Aches and Pains and 3 Batting Titles

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Back in March of 1966, The Myron Cope wrote an article about baseball legend Roberto Clemente. Here’s the whole article for any one interested in reading it. The man really played thru some pain and still overcame tons of hardships before passing away. Check out the Full article here!

The Filthy Fifteen

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Back in the ’80’s, Tipper Gore’s panties got in a bunch and she along with some other bored housewives of Senators, City Councelors, decided to cause a ruckus about obscenity in music. They created a committee called the Parents Music Resource Center to try and hide explicit music and remove songs from airplay. They attacked […]

Homemade Latavia Recipe

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Latavia is a Serbian fortified wine, . You’ll want to definitely keep it chilled because it has one helluva bite when it’s warm. You can sip on and and1 glass of this will have you feeling warm and ready to go, or hook it for shots. This will make up about seven 5ths of Latavi […]

James Brown Full Concert

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In a career that spanned six decades, James Joseph Brown profoundly influenced the development of many different musical genres.  Brown performed in concerts, first making his rounds across the Chitlin’ Circuit, and then across the country and later around the world, along with appearing in shows on television and in movies. Although he contributed much to the […]