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The Filthy Fifteen

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Back in the ’80’s, Tipper Gore’s panties got in a bunch and she along with some other bored housewives of Senators, City Councelors, decided to cause a ruckus about obscenity in music. They created a committee called the Parents Music Resource Center to try and hide explicit music and remove songs from airplay. They attacked any songs with any mention of sex, violence or explicit language. This is why almost all music will have the Parental Advisory “Tipper” sticker on the front.


The PMRC also released the “Filthy Fifteen”, a list of the 15 songs they found most objectionable:Read More »The Filthy Fifteen

Cassidy Beat

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This hot fire comes straight from The Longmore Lounge.  Featuring Chief Bluntz and Focus rapping over a Cassidy beat. Check it out! [audio:|titles=Where My Niggas… Read More »Cassidy Beat

Lucifer Beat Remix

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Here’s Focus rapping over Jay-Z’s Lucifer Beat. Recorded the other night at The Longmore Lounge Studios. [audio:|titles=Lucifer – Focus]

Workout Beat Remix

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Here’s a  C-Milli Studios LLC Production featuring Chief Bluntz, Kay-Mack and Focus. [audio:|titles=Work Out Remix – KMack Chief Focus]

Aim 4 the Head

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Straight out of The Longmore Lounge Studios comes Aim 4 The Head by Chief Bluntz recorded in effort by C-Milli Studios. Check it out. [audio:|titles=Aim… Read More »Aim 4 the Head