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Recording Guitar with the iPad

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It’s really amazing what you can do with an iPad. I just bought a Griffin Guitar Connect to plug my guitar into my iPad so that I can use it for a amp simulator / effects unit, same thing as the iRig.  This literally changes everything about recording an playing guitar.

Guitar Connect for iPadGuitar Connect for iPad

You can now go anywhere and compose a new track, record multiple tracks along with drums, bass and vocals, or even play live with an assortment of different amplifiers and effects. These are a few of the apps that I’ve been playing with over the weekend.iShred

iShred interfaceiShred interface

This is an amp package that is hawked with the Griffin Guitar Connect. I didn’t find it all that great, there’s only one amplifier model available which is pretty weak, and the effects are nothing to write home about. The overall sound is kinda tinny and is really not something to use or record with. The only 2 things that come free is the delay and the flanger, everything else is at least $2.99 each which is a pain just to have the basic distortion and reverb.

Garage Band

Apple's Garage BandApple’s Garage Band

Garage Band is the definite guitar rig for playing live or recording.  Not only do you have a great selection of classic amps and effects, but you also have a full suite of music production options. You can record your guitar, add bass, drums, loops and samples or effects, mix and master your track then export it out to share. Another great benefit is all the amp models and effects come with it instead of an extra in app purchase which deserves a huge kudos to the production team.


The Amplitude Pedal BoardThe Amplitude Pedal Board

Amplitube is actually a pretty good guitar kit.  I’d rate this at #2 behind Garage Band. The effects are solid and the amp sims are pretty much spot on.  It gives you a huge range of options to create any type of sound you can think of. It also give you a really nice mixer and recorder so you can mix and master your song. The biggest downside is you only get a single amp and 2 effects to play with free, all the rest are sold ala carte.

By far the best for the money and the features is Garage Band.  It has so much more tonal options, recording features and instrument voices to offer that you just can’t go wrong. If you are looking for just a guitar effects processor without the rest of the instruments, then Amplitube is a good option for you, tho you will be spending alot more for each effect / amp.

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