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New MW3 Maps: Piazza and Liberation

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Activision has created and released new DLC map packs for Modern Warfare 3. The new  Liberation and Piazza maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 were made available yesterday to all PlayStation 3 premium Elite subscribers, with regular players able to purchase next month.

New MW3 DLC MapsNew MW3 DLC Maps

Here’s a quick synopsis of the 2;

Overview of PiazzaOverview of Piazza

Piazza is a really small map with multiple vertical levels, you just never know when someone will pop up out of a doorway or around a corner. It’s a great map for duel machine pistols and sub-machine guns.  The majority of people playing were just running around with their duellies praying and spraying.

Liberation, Great Sniping MapLiberation, Great Sniping Map

Liberation makes for a perfect sniping map. Sniper and Assault Rifles should be your main choice for this map as it gives you lots of long distances to cover and plenty of coverage for hiding and camping. I was using a ACR with the silencer and the Assassin perk and was getting a ton of kills with that setup, I also seen just about everybody using sniper rifles too, so there wasnt much action around the map, but there was definitely alot of kills.

The 2 new maps dropped Tuesday, Feb 28th for Elite members. The rest of us without that service are forced to either buy the elite package or wait for another month.  If you know someone with the elite package, they can log into your Playstation and download the maps which will now be available to everyone using that machine, which is a nice workaround instead of waiting .


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