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Modern Warfare 3 Best Class for Kills

The New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been out for a few months now, and I’ve been hooked on it since the day it was released.  With the amount of guns available, you are sure to find the one that works best for you. It’s not about the gun stats so much as it is your comfort and familiar-ness with the sights and action that helps with getting those high-kill matches.  Here’s a loadout that I think works great for all situations, it gives you the power and range to touch people all over the map, yet still quick enough to get into a face to face confrontation and come out on top.  Click on the chart to see it enlarged and get the actual stats of each gun, from aim speed, to damage, to mobility and more.

All-Around Assault Class:

Primary Weapon: ACR + Silencer Attachment + Red Dot 
Weapon Proficiency: 2  Attachments
Secondary: FMG-9 + Akimbo Attachment
Lethal: Frag Grenade
Tactical: Flash Grenade
Perk 1: Slight of Hand
Perk 2: Quick Draw
Perk 3: Steady Aim or Stalker
Kill Streak Package: Assault = Patriot Missile, Attack Helicopter, Pavelow
Death Streak Package: Mercenary or Second Chance

This is a great all around Custom Class to use.  The ACR is the best gun in the game, so it’s always good to use what’s proven. It combines good aiming speed with accuracy and power, taking only 3 bullets close range to drop someone or 4 at a long distance. Now even tho it has a slower fire rate then 75% of the other assault rifles, it makes up for it with the lowest recoil in the game, so all your shots are on target. This rifle combined with the silencer let’s you move around the board and be ready for any type of firefight. You can run right up behind the group and shoot them all in the back without even alerting them to your presence, or you post up, fire a few shots then bolt to another location to finish off the kill. Using the 2 Attachment Proficiency gives you the ability to use a Red Dot scope with the silencer which helps with shooting at longer ranges due to the bigger iron sites on the standard ACR.
Now, the FMG-9 is actually a good secondary gun for being one that you start with. It has the highest rate of fire, along with the largest ammo magazine and only 3 bullets needed to drop an opposing player. This gun equipped with the Akimbo specialty will allow you to put a ton of lead downrange quickly and makes for a great room to room, run and gun type of weapon.

The Frag and Flash equipment are a great combo to have, allowing you to toss a grenade to give a diversion and allow you to flank and fire onto your opponent.The Flashbangs, I use all the time. They’re great for tossing out before going into any open spaces or around corners, after they flash, if you see the aiming reticle change to the X then you know you flashed someone and you can instantly press aim to have them in your line of site.

For the Perks, Slight of Hand is my favorite, it speeds up your reload time and also your weapon switching time. If you’re in the middle of a firefight, having that extra quickness on the reload or the swap will give you a huge advantage against the other players.
Quick Draw is great for aiming down the scope quicker after you spot an enemy, and the Pro version helps with getting you back to fire mode after tossing a frag or flash grenade to test the waters before heading into unknown territory.
The 3rd Perk is really up to your style of play. If you are someone that likes to run around alot and has a quicker trigger finger then Steady Aim will benefit you more. You can run around the map and with any close-up firefights, you can shoot first as you’re starting your aim. If you have more of a strafe style then the Stalker will help as it allows you to move around the map while staring down your sites without going so slow that you are an easy target. The Pro version also helps you to fly by any Claymores or Bouncing Bettys that the other team may have placed around.

Your kill streaks are more up to your style of play. This setup will allow you to stack your kills nicely to help with gaining the next kill streak. These Kill Streaks also give you the best chance of getting kills by using the kill streak.
For the Death Streak, this can be whatever you like. I happen to like the Mercenary one just for the fact that when running and gunning, if I do get shot, there’s at least a chance to get a kill if anyone is standing around near where I died. The Second Chance option is good if you notice that you only get 2 hits on someone before they kill you. This way you get an extra chance to pop off a few shots and hopefully stick it to them.

MW3 Gun Stats



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