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Largest Pool in the World!

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Somehow, this came up in conversation about the worlds biggest pool. Break out the smartphones and checked it out. This pool is insane.  It was built by a company called Crystal Lagoons out of Chile for a private resort called San Alfonso del Mar. This pool is just ridiculously huge and completely dwarves the 2nd largest pool recognized by the Guiness Book O’ Records.


An Olympic pool is 50 meters x 25 Meters (116 ft x 82 ft). The original, now second largest in the world is 150 meters x 100 meters (348 ft x 232ft). This monstrousity measures in at 1 kilometer long (3280 ft) and covers almost 20 acres of space. That Olympic size pool holds about 660 Thousand gallons of water while this resort let’s their clients play around in 66 Million gallons of freshly filtered seawater! When you pay almost 2 Billion for it tho, you can expect it to be pretty badass.




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