Free Slenderman Game!

This game is beyond freaky. It’s a great game because it focuses just on creeping you out. تحميل لعبة الطاولة 31  There’s no violence, no insane imagery or graphics engines rendering anything out of this world.  It’s just you running thru a park, a flashlight, trying to find 8 notes about the Slenderman without actually running into the Slenderman. القمار على كرة القدم  It all started off of a photoshop challenge on SomethingAwful. اونوا com but it quickly spiraled out of control and became a full fledged meme.  They just came out with 2 free beta versions of the game that you can download and see for yourself how freaky it is.


Windows (

Mac (

View the game in action here:

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