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D.I.Y. Cold Smoker

Cold Smoking is needed if you want to smoke cheese, olives, fish and other items that don’t need a high heat to cook, or items that you want to impart a nice strong smokey flavor.  I’ve seen these from time to time and gave it a try the other weekend.  It turned out pretty good and was a fun little 2 hour project while sipping on a cold beer with some good tunes.


  • Soldering Iron *****(With a NEW, UNUSED tip)*****
  • Tin Can *****(Non BPA Lined)*****
  • Can Opener
  • Wood Chips


  1. Open the Can but only open the lid about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way, then fold the lid back.
  2. Using a Can Opener, Punch a hole the size of the soldering iron’s shaft at the other end of the can.
  3. Insert the Soldering iron in the can and then fill about halfway with woodchips.
  4. Place on the grill or on a non flammable surface and plug in the Soldering iron, it will start smoking in 3-5 minutes and puts off a good amount of smoke for such a small, inexpensive setup.


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