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CoD:MW3 Final Assault Map Pack

The Last DLC Drop for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is about to hit the masses. It’s scheduled to be released Sept 6th, with 5 new maps. It comes with 5 new maps which all have a varied appearance from bright, sharp long lines of sites, to extreme close quarter combat maps where run and gunning with steady aim is king.

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Gulch is a old mining ghost town that offers little in protective cover, leading to alot of movement as campers don’t have much of a chance of being hidden for more than a shot.

Boardwalk is a bright, face paced map that allows you to use shotguns with deadly results.

Decommision and Offshore are the marine based maps, giving you twist and turns as you spray thru tight corners and multiple angles of attack.

Parish is the last map bringing you to the bombed out French Quarter of Naw’lins.


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