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Cheap Cedar Planks for Grilling

If you use Cedar Planks alot when grilling fish, you can save a good amount of cash by purchasing your wood planks at home depot or any other hardware store.  The kitchen planks at the store can go for $5 a piece, which is way overpriced for what you’re really getting….. a plank of cedar wood. 

You can usually find Untreated Cedar Planks at the hardward store for much much cheaper than what you would pay at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Industrial Cedar Planks are usually thicker than the smaller kitchen specific ones for grilling, so you can use them more than once, as they don’t char or burn as quickly.  Also, an 8 foot plank will normally run any where from 12-20$ depending on your location, then it can be cut down into 8 inch lengths, giving you about 18 boards, which can last you all summer.

All you need to do after getting the lumber, is soak the wood in water for 30-60 minutes before using and you are set to go.

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