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BP-200: Fatten Your Practice Amp

This is a good way to use the BP-200 to fatten your little practice amp. This setting will boost up the bass frequencies and the cabinet simulator adds a nice bit of depth and space which helps beef up a small amp / setup.

Digitech's BP-200 Bass ProcessorDigitech’s BP-200 Bass Processor

Parameter Settings:

Fretless/Wah Type Off
Fret Amount Off
Fret Attack Off
Compressor Amount 20
Compressor Gain 10
Compressor Crossover 100HZ
Amp/Stompbox Type ASHDWN
Amp/Stompbox Gain 50
Amp/Stompbox Level 80
EQ Bass 4
EQ Midrange 2
EQ Treble 0
Cabinet 4X10
Gate Type Off
Gate Threshold Off
Effect Type Off
Effect Amount Off
Effect Level Off
Delay Type/Level Off
Delay Time Off
Delay Feedback Off
Reverb Type Studio
Reverb Decay 5
Reverb Level 10
Exp. Param Assign VOLPRE
Exp. Min Value 0
Exp. Max Value 99

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