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“Bar Rescue” Episodes and Failures

I’ve been hooked on Bar Rescue since it first came out. It’s another show like Kitchen Nightmares where the host, Jon Taffer, turns over a bar that’s not doing hot and tries to set them up for success. It’s always the same formula: Hidden survellience of the bar. Some screaming at the employees for how shitty of a job they’re doing, introduce new menu/design/drink list and relaunch the new concept.

I always think of what happens with these places after the cameras and hype are gone. They all apparently do pretty well the first month after their relaunch but then the numbers go back to what they were originally. This is a list of the episodes showing which bars went are still open, changed back to their original name or closed their doors. Surprisingly, only a few shut down shop out of a good list of bars, and the majority seem to have stuck with it and gone on.

Season 1 (2011)

  • “Fallen Angels” Angel’s Sport’s Bar – changed to – Racks Billiards and Bourbon
  • “Downey’s and Out” Downey’s Irish Pub (Out of Business)
  • “Shabby Abbey” The Abbey Pub (Out of Business)
  • “Beach Bummer” Kilkenny’s Irish Pub – changed to – Breakwall (Out Of Business)
  • “Swanky Trouble” Swanky Bubbles – changed to – Sheer (Reverted to Original Name and Went out of Business)
  • “The Blue Frog Sings the Blues” The Blue Frog 22 – changed to – The Local (Out of Business)
  • “Bad to the Bone” The Chicken Bone – changed to – The Bone (Out of Business) Thanks to Randy!
  • “Chumps” Champs Sports Pub (Kept Original Name)
  • “Bar Fight” The Canyon Inn – changed to – The Canyon Saloon (Reverted to Original Name)
  • “Hogtied Ham’s” Angry Ham’s Garage – changed to – Octane (Reverted to Original Name)

Season 2 (2012)

  • “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Dumb” Piratz Tavern – changed to – Corporate Bar & Grill (Reverted to Original Name and Went out of Business)
  • “Tiki Curse” The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar – changed to – Bamboo Beach Club and Tiki Bar
  • “Murphy’s Mess” J.A.Murphy’s – changed to – Murphy’s Law (Out of Business)
  • “Mystique or Murder?” Mystique Lounge – changed to – Aura Nightclub (Out of Business)
  • “Bottomless Pit” The Olive Pit – changed to – The O.P.
  • “Brokeback Black Sheep” The Black Sheep – changed to – The Public House
  • “Weber’s of Lies” Weber’s Place – changed to – Weber’s Rum Bar and Grill (Out of Business)
  • “Owner Ousted” Win, Place or Show – changed to – America Live (Out of Business)
  • “On the Rocks” Rocks – changed to – Power Plant (Changed to The Rocks Laguna Niguel)
  • “Bikini Bust” Extremes – changed to – Second Base

Season 3 (2013)

  • “Turtle on Its Back” Turtle Bay – changed to – Spirits on Bourbon
  • “Rock and Roaches” Headhunters – changed to – Metal and Lace (Out of Business)
  • “Bro’s Got to Geaux” TJ Quills – changed to – The Annex
  • “Teers for Beers” The Brixton – changed to – Rocket Room 6 (Reverted to Original Name)
  • “Empty Pockets” Zanzabar – changed to – Solids and Stripes (Combined Both Names)
  • “Jon T. He Don’t Live It” The Kasbah (Kept Original Name)
  • “In a Pinch” Lona’s Wardlow Station – changed to – Lona’s City Limits Cantina
  • “Karaoke Katastrophe” Dimples (Out of Business)
  • “A Horse Walks into a Bar” Kid Chilleen’s Badass BBQ – changed to – Chilleen’s on 17
  • “Meat Sauna” Stand Up Scottsdale – changed to – The Laugh Factory (Out of Business)

Season 3 continued (2013-2014)

  • “Don’t Mess with Taffer’s Wife” Sand Dollar – changed to – Bar 702 (New Owners)
  • “Don’t Judge a Booze by it’s Bottle” Cashmere – changed to – Duæl (Out of Business)
  • “2 Flew Over the Handlebars” Handlebar Cafe – changed to – Handlebar and Grill
  • “There’s No Crying the Bar Business” Barlow’s – changed to – The Comeback (Out of Business)
  • “Play Some Janet Jackson” Gipsy – changed to – South Beach Las Vegas (Out of Business)
  • “Characters Assassination” Characters Quarters – changed to – MoonRunner’s Saloon
  • “Corking the Hole” Cliques – changed to – 22 Klicks
  • “A Bar Full of Bull” Libad’s Bar and Grille – changed to – Libad’s Seaside Tavern
  • “Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas” The Hammer – changed to – Hammer and Ales (Out of Business)
  • “Barely Above Water” Marley’s on the Beach – changed to – St. Michelle’s Beach Club (Out of Business)
  • “Crappy Cantina” Rocky Point Cantina – changed to – Havana Cabana (Out of Business)
  • “Jon of the Dead” The Underworld – changed to – The End (Out of Business)
  • “Grandpa Got Run Over by His Grandkids” Kerry’s Sports Pub – changed to – Bacon Bar
  • “Hurricane Jon vs. Hurricane Sandy” Bungalow Bar – changed to – Bungalow Bar and Restaurant
  • “Drunk & Dirty Dolls” Alibi – changed to – Garnet Lounge (Out of Business)
  • “Empty Bottle Full Cans” MT Bottle – changed to – Bottles and Cans
  • “Hole in None” Fairway Golf and Grill – changed to – Brew U (Out of Business)
  • “Music City Mess” Boondoxxx – changed to – PB Pit and Barrel (Out of Business)
  • “Brawling Babes” Long Shots Sports Bar – changed to – The Badlands Country NightClub (Out of Business)
  • “Twin vs Twin” R.G’s Lounge – change to – BARcode (Out of Business)
  • “Hostile Takeover” O’ Banion’s Bar & Grill – changed to – Sorties Tavern (New Owners)
  • “Critters and Quitters” KC’s Bar and Grill – changed to – Johnson County Line (Reverted to Original Name)
  • “Punch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed” The O’Face Bar (First Time Ever Leaving a Bar)
  • “Scoreboard to Death” Scoreboard – changed to – Agave Junction Cantina (Out of Business)
  • “Grow Some Meatballs” The Tailgate – changed to – The Shot Exchange (Sold to New Owners)
  • “Taxed Out in Texas” Bryant’s Ice House – changed to – The Wildcatter Saloon (Sold to New Owners)
  • “When Life Doesn’t Hand You Lemons” Pat’s Cocktails (Kept Original Name)
  • “I Smell A Rat” Oasis Hookah Bar – changed to – Taza Nightclub (Out of Business)
  • “Scary Mary’s” Mary’s Outpost – changed to – Thirsty’s Roadside Bar
  • “Muscle Madness” The End Zone Bar and Grill – changed to – Houston Sports Hub

Season 4 (2014-2016)

  • “Bug Bite” Artful Dodger – changed to – P’s and Q’s AutoBod (Closed)
  • “Thugs with Mugs” Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill – changed to – SOYO (Closed)
  • “Schmuck Dynasty” Rhythym and Brews – changed to – 5th and Vine (Closed)
  • “El Moronte!” Laguna Lounge – changed to – Tres Cuartos
  • “Bug BIte” Laguna Lounge – changed to – Tres Quatros
  • “Anything You Can Yell, I Can Yell Louder” Jack’s Alehouse – changed to – Jack’s Fire Department
  • “To Protect and (Over) Serve” Lickity Split – changed to – 2nd State Lounge / Alleged Bar and Pizza (Changed to just 2nd State Lounge) (Closed)
  • “A Dash of Bitters” Plush – change to – Osteria Calabria (Closed)
  • “Swinging From The Rafters” Dirty Rooster – changed to – Lake Marie Lodge (Closed)
  • “Spoiled Brat Party” Y-Not III – changed to – Nick’s House (Closed)
  • “Irish Eyes aren’t Smiling” Packey’s Pub – changed to – Campbell’s Irish Pub
  • “Second Base, Third Strike” Second Base – (Not Rescued)
  • “Crayons and Angels” Underground Wonder Bar – changed – Clear Bar (Closed)
  • “Beach Rats” Toucan’s Oceanside Bar & Grill – changed to – Bonny and Read’s
  • “All Twerk and No Pay” Heat Restaurant and Lounge – changed to – Ele (Closed)
  • “Bro-mancing The Stone” Sandbar Sports Grill – changed to – The Hot Rock (Reverted to Original Name)
  • “Storming The Castle” Friar Tucks – changed to – Stein Haus Brau and Brats (Closed)
  • “Lagers and Liars” The Los Angeles Brewing Company – changed to – L.A. Brew Co. (Closed)
  • “Loose Lips Loose Tips” The Holding Company – changed to – The Patriot House
  • “Mandala Down” Mandala Lounge – changed to – The 38th Floor (Closed)
  • “Sticky Situation” Park 77 – changed to – The Lister
  • “Take Me Out To The Bar Game” The Bullpen Bar – changed to – Oak Tavern
  • “Emergency Exit” Murphy’s Law Irish Pub – changed to – Money Bar (Closed)
  • “It’s Always Sunny In Portland” Six Point Inn – changed to – Over Easy Bar and Breakfast
  • “Brokedown Palace” The Palace – changed to – Menara (Reverted to Original Name)
  • “Ant’s With Wings” Tonic Lounge – changed to – Panic Room (Closed)
  • “Put A Cork In It” Brix Sunset Beach – changed to – Pacific Coast Wine Bar (Reverted to Original Name)
  • “Too Many Managers, Not Enough Man” Pro’s Sports Bar – changed to – BR Steak
  • “Jon Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” Myerz Pour House – changed to – The Study
  • “Til Debt Do Us Part” Caribe Night Club – changed to – La Luz Ultra Lounge
  • “Shamrocks and Shenanigans” – Molly Malone’s – changed to – The Way Point Saloon
  • “Blowin’ Royal Smoke” Royal Oaks (Same Name)
  • “Sour Lemons & Bitter Business” Martini Brothers Burger Bar – changed to – The Federal
  • “Ripper’s Rookie House” Ripper’s Rock House – changed to – Tim Owens’ Traveler’s Tavern (Closed)
  • “Big Sister’s Watching” Filling Station Pub – changed to –  Off Base Bar
  • “Vulgar Vixens” The Hooch – changed to – Proving Ground (Closed)
  • “Unnecessary Toughness” The Arena (Same Name)
  • “Boss Lady Blues” Jazz Katz – changed to – Back Beat (Closed)
  • “Bare Rescue” Chix on Dix – changed to – Power Strip (Closed)
  • “Hard Heads and Soft Balls” Mac & Chester’s – changed to – Boulder Lodge
  • “Dragon Lady” Van Goghz – changed to – Crafted
  • “Paradies Lost” Dale 1891 – changed to – Cayman Cove
  • “Land of the Beer and Home of the Misbehaved” O’Kelley’s Irish Pub – changed to – Pastimes on 4th (Closed)
  • “Getting Freaky at the Tiki” Freaky Tiki – changed to – Franky T’s Dive Bar (Closed)
  • “How to Train the Dragon” George & The Dragon (Kept Same Name)
  • “Demolition Man” Grinders – changed to – The Cajun Belle (Sold)
  • “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat” The Bridge Lounge (Kept Same Name)
  • “Danny Sits on His Fanny” Cirivello’s Bar – changed to – The Aging Room @ Cirivello’s (Closed)
  • “Gone in a Flash” City Bistro – changed to – The Beechwood
  • “Monster’s Ball” Baseline Sports Bar – changed to – Brick and Barley
  • “Drunk on Punk” Black Light District Rock & Roll Lounge (Not Rescued and Closed)
  • “Raising Arizona” The Galloping Goose

Season 5

  • “The Perks of Being a Wallpaper” Champagne’s Cafe – changed to – Champagne’s
  • “Wheels of Misfortune” The Wheelhouse – changed to – Derby’s Bar & Grill
  • “12 Beers A Slave” City Bar – changed to – The Bradley (Closed)
  • “Antisocial Media” Celebrities Sports Grill – changed to – The Victory Bar & Restaurant (Closed)
  • “How To Train Your Goldfish” Y Not Sports Pub & Grub – changed to – The Forbidden Pub (Closed)
  • “Win, Lose or Brawl” Russell City Grill and Sport Bar – change to – R Lee’s (Reverted to Original Name)
  • “Getting’ Jigger With It” Sam Jordan’s (Kept Same Name)
  • “Chase Lounge” The Tradewinds (Kept Same Name)
  • “Zero Drunk Thirty” Brickhouse Bar & Grill – changed to – Garrison Tavern (Closed)
  • “Ice Mice Baby” Fort One Bar and Lounge – changed to – The Rock Bar and Nightclub
  • “Punk as a Drunk” Triple Nickel Tavern (Kept Same Name)
  • “Back to the Bar: Drunky McDrunkertons Returns”
  • “Don’t Tell Mom The Bar Is Dead” St8 Pub – changed to – Downstairs Bar & Kitchen (Closed)
  • “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Summit House Grill and Tavern (Closed)
  • Struck Out At The DugoutThe Dugout – changed to – Press Box
  • All Twerk and No Pay Makes Taffer Shut It Down” Speakeasy Bar & Grill – changed to – The Second Line Co Festival Bar & Grill (Closed)
  • “Bar Over Troubled Water” Big Mike’s Sports Bar & Grill (Kept Same Name)
  • “Desi, You Got Some Splainin’ To DoDesi Romano’s Sports Bar & Grill (Kept Same Name)
  • “Back to the Bar: Hallelujah For John”
  • Casually Tapped Out” Casual Tap (Closed)
  • Things That Pahrump In The Night” Paddy’s Pub – changed to – Pat’s Courtyard Bar (Now Oasis Bar)
  • Mother Doesn’t Know Best” Jack’s Place – changed to – The Regan Lounge
  • “Back To The Bar: Flying Fists and Bar Brawls” 
  • “Silence of the Ants” Liquid Lounge – changed to – Tidal Bay Beach Bar (Closed)
  • “Daddy Dearest” Sidelines Sports Grill & Bar – changed to – Lake House Bar & Grill
  • “Rickety Rockin’ Rhonda’s”  Rockin’ Rhonda’s Lounge changed to Rhonda’s a Neighborhood Bar
  • “The Unlucky Leprechaun” Lucky Leprechain – chaned to -Lucky’s Corner Pocket (closed)

Season 6

  • “Put it on Cody’s Tab” Game Time Sports and Grille – changed to – The Legacy Bar & Grille
  • “Close but No Cigar” Havana Mix Cigar – changed to – Robusto by Havana Mix
  • “Weird Science’ Paladino’s – changed to – Theory a Parlor Bar (closed)
  • “Ground Control to Major Jon” King’s Duck Inn – changed to – KDI
  • “Mississippi Rears” Joe’s Thirsty Lizard Bar and Grill – changed to – The Iron Horse
  • “Pole Without a Purpose” Club Platinum
  • “An Ode to the Captain” Captain Odie’s Lounge
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Selman” Copper Rocket Pub (sold to new owners)
  • “Caving In” The Cave Sports Bar
  • “Down and Out in Las Vegas” Barley Pop’s Bar and Grill – changed to – The Valley Saloon (reverted to original name)
  • “Phishing For Answers” Phish Heads – changed to – Phish Tales
  • “Not Cleared For Takeoff” The Airliner
  • “Fish Out of Blue Water” Blue Water – changed to – Sydney Australian Beach Club
  • “Operation Puerto Rico” El Krajo
  • “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fatballs” Fatballs – changed to – The Bayou (reverted back to original name)
  • “The Unwanted Saloon” The Dickson
  • “Star Lite, Not So Bright” Britestar Tavern (bar has been sold)
  • “There Will Be Family Blood” Island Bar and Grill – changed to – Island Lounge
  • “The Lights Came Back in Puerto Rico” Shibo

10 thoughts on ““Bar Rescue” Episodes and Failures

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  2. “Barely Above Water” Marley’s on the Beach – changed to – St. Michelle’s Beach Club now closed.

  3. Taffer can get folks to come to a failing bar once. Management must execute the plan to keep them coming back. He left each with the tools and knowledge to be successful going forward. Mostly he fixes people. I’ve successfully managed fast food restaurants by increased sales and cost control. The concepts are the same. I had to learn it through logic guided by hard experience. Taffer’s a genius

    1. John’s good. Just watched

      Just watched Scoreboard. John is good. But I do feel he goes overboard. Come on John I know there are places that have jerks like the place that had the guy (in the picture with the cockroaches everywhere) and the people who have people stealing from them. They wouldn’t call you if they didn’t watch your show. Calm down.

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