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Pics and Video

These are the posts that have Pics or Videos attached to them

Sanctuary MW3 Map

Call of Duty just dropped a new batch of DLC content. Sanctuary is a monastary set in the mountains of Greece that offers a good mix of long straightaway and tight quarter areas. with such a good amount of stairs and turns it gives some spots to fall off with no return.

MW3 Sancuary MapWith such a varied landscape,Read More »Sanctuary MW3 Map

Canned Foods

What doesn’t come in a can anymore? [portfolio_slideshow]

The OmCopter Takes Filming to New Heights

So this whole video was shot using a helicopter-mounted camera by a German film production company called OMSTUDIO.  They did a great job of piloting the helicopter steadily around the whole path of the shot. It’s so smooth and liquid that it’s very much like the 3D animated cameras in Pixar and other animated films.  Plus it gives such a steady pan and lift that it really makes you feel as tho your in the movie since you dont have any cuts as the camera angle changes between rooms and floors. Movies are about to get so much better with this tool.

The OmCopter by OMSTUDIOSThe OmCopter by OMSTUDIOS

Read More »The OmCopter Takes Filming to New Heights