The [GEAR] of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Home for the Fourth of July weekend, my girl talked me into going to the Texas History Museum in downtown Austin last Sunday. I was blown away to find that they had an SRV exhibit!.

SRV's Gear

I love gear and guitars, any major city I end up in I go to the local Hard Rock just to pay expensive prices for crappy food and walk around and see some famous instruments. I've seen and been close to some really cool gear. However, never in my life have I just about been brought to tears just by being close to an instrument.

The soul, the tragedy, the love for music, the passion that emanated from number one just about knocked me on my ass. Then I see the dumble, with a plexi atop it, so close, I could almost plug in and turn that sucker on. At 47, I was seriously contemplating hiding in the closet until they closed the museum just to play through Stevie's rig. Anyway, I was so moved by this I made an Imgur account just to share my pics.

If you're in , or gonna be in Austin and love guitars – go see this. It's leaving on July 23rd.

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