Somehow got invited into a death metal band despite being bad. Got two weeks to git gud, what should I dedicate my time to?

So a friend of mine randomly asked me if I wanted to join a death metal band he's forming. He seemed undettered by my objections that I'm a self-taugh beginner, so I eventually agreed, since I've always dreamed of being in a band. Just not, you know, while I'm still bad and have only half a year of experience with the instrument. First band practice/meeting is in two weeks. So, r/Bass, I need your help. I need your wisdom-what should I spend these two weeks learning? What should I concentrate on? I know the basic major and minor scales and a bit of music theory, but besides that I usually just find tabs for what I want to learn, or improvise with mixed results… My experience playing with other people is country music with two guitarists, so not really that helpful in my death metal predicament. Any help, recommendations or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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