[QUESTION] Looking for a new A/E…

Hey /r/Guitar! I'm in the market for a new acoustic-electric. My budget is ~$500. I went to GC the other day to look around and tried out a few. The two that stood out to me were:

A Breedlove Discovery Concert Mahogany or

A Seagull S6 Concert Hall

I'm sort of looking for something with a little body, as I've a large-ish belly (working on that) and sorta short arms. Both of these felt really comfortable, and I liked the sound of both. Maybe leaning a bit towards the Breedlove actually (it also has some features I like, like the pinless bridge), but I don't really have a lot of experience with either brand.

Does anyone have any opinions/advice on which to buy? Or maybe a recommendation of another brand? I'm not sold on anything yet, just in the very preliminary stages of looking. Thanks in advance!

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