[OC] Guitar Teachers: Tell me what you think about this lesson plan/syllabus I’ve made meant for the first 10 weeks

I've been giving guitar lessons for a few years now and the main thing I struggle with is planning for lessons. To remedy this, I put together a 10 week lesson plan for beginning students that covers everything I feel like a beginner should be exposed to. I got a template from a website online, but I customized it to the book I teach out of as well as a more realistic pace of how students progress.

You can find the document here.

Obviously I know every student is different, and things may take longer or shorter, but it's great to have at least the first 10 weeks planned out and it saves me a lot of work. I realize many of you may not be familiar with the Hal Leonard TAB book, but I think the topics section is universal. Let me know what you think! If you think one week's lesson should be before another, if there's a certain topic I missed, or if you think the material is too much to fit in 10 weeks, do let me know.

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