IAMA: "Professional" washtub bass player.

Hey everyone. I'm not sure if im about to get run out of here on a rail but I thought you guys might find this interesting.

Check it out!

I've been playing traditional washtub bass for about 6 years now professionally in two different bands. These instruments are downright mythical to most people and seen as a novelty to the rest but I managed to get pretty good at it if I do say so myself.

Even if you have heard/played them before it probably wasn't being played by someone with an intimate knowledge of the thing so I figured people might be interested in having a listen.

HERE you can listen to our demo. You have to use headphones or some decent (non integrated) speakers to hear the bass properly. This was kind of a quick acoustic 2-mic recording but when I throw one under the bass in our usual set up and push it through some PA speakers things get thumpy and juicy.

THIS is the album/band that made me realize its a legitimate instrument in the right hands and might give you a more thorough idea of what its capable enough than our crappy little demo.


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