[GEAR] NGD Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder birch green + video


Bohemian Rhapsody clip

The color is basically a neon yellow-green, under blue stage lights it looks lime green.

The Sustainiac works well for the most part. It's a little stronger than I'd like even after tweaking pickup heights and messing with the trim pots, except curiously harmonic mode is a little wonky on the low E and A strings. The EMG RetroActive seems pretty damn hot. Sustainiac sounds like a hot single coil when used as a neck pickup. The controls are normally volume/volume, I rewired the bridge volume to be a master volume since I can't live without one. Neck is comfortable. No sharp frets, although they could use a good crowning.

The "hot rodded" Floyd Rose Special is pretty nice. All the screws are stainless steel. The saddles are still zinc. The zinc sustain block is replaced with a normal brass block, which I didn't expect at all. The push-in arm holder is my favorite arm holder, period. I've already retrofitted several of my guitars with them since they were released.

Overall a very solid, cool looking guitar.

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