[GEAR] My Fender Starcaster


So I got this guitar a while ago, with my first proper paycheck, I wanted to get into playing guitar again, after years of avoiding it for whatever reason.

This guitar was delivered to me in a horrible state, the strings were in a bad condition, the neck was warped and the pickups were only partially working..

So instead of returning it, I decided to see if it was fixable.. inside the guitar I've put 3 Fender Texas Special single coil pickups, I replaced the neck with one I had lying around from an old strat I no longer used, and for whatever reason back then, I decided to sand the logo off at the top, I don't know why.

The wear on the guitar is legitimate and the only thing I've done, is sand the lacquer off of the neck as it was quite sticky..

I now also rock Ernie ball, 10 – 52 gauge strings, much more comfortable than the 9s that came with the guitar!

The cigarette burn at the top was done on purpose just to add effect, I think it looks alright, I do also realise that the screw is loose on the Jack socket, haven't had a chance to fix that yet.

In the future I will probably end up replacing the pickguard with a nice red tortoise shell one as it would brighten the guitar up a little, and I will eventually get locking tuners.

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