[GEAR] Had a great practice las night and decided to do a photo shoot of my guitars as reward.

I had an amazing practice last night. I have never felt so good about playing. I started off with the Strat. It felt so comfortable on my hands. I felt so fluid with it. Then I decided to play my Les Paul and I just couldn't contain myself. I wanted to play as loud as my ear drums could take it. The tone that I got from my guitar made me feel so connected with my guitar. That was the best sound I've ever heard. Luckily guitars are also good at hiding erections. I had such an amazing practice that as a reward I decided to post new photos of them today as a reward for such amazing practice last night. I only used a Donner blues driver pedal to add distortion and that was it. Sounded phenomenal. Specs: Les Paul Studio T wine red; and American Pro Stratocaster Sienna Sunburst.

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