[Gear] Family Photo! All guitars in description…

Glad I can share my physical guitar family with my reddit guitar family! https://imgur.com/gallery/ZIe9w

What's going on my fellow guitarists. These are all of the guitars that are currently on my wall, sitting in my stands, or stored in my closet. I DO PLAY THEM ALL, so do not be worried that some are not being used, although daddy has his favorites. Only a few of these I am able to call my own, however my family has fallen into a habit of just handing me music stuff that they own, and that's where the rest comes from! I come from an extremely fortunate home where this is the norm, and I know that I am lucky, just thought you guys would like some cool guitars to look at!

Anyways, here is the order from left to right!

TOP: Fender Mexican Telecaster Nashville edition (Mine), Fender Mexican Stratocaster Standard (Father"s), G&L Tribute Stratocaster (Father's), Fender Mexican Stratocaster with Roland Tech Modeling guitar (Brother's), and lastly the Gretsch hollow body with a sparkling finish (Grandfather's). [Sorry I don't know the exact model of the gretsch]

BOTTOM: Taylor GS Mini Koa (Brother's), Taylor 414CE-LTD Koa Signed by Robert Taylor (Dad's), Martin GPCPA4 (Mine), Epiphone Casino with Gibson electronics and tuners (Gradfather's), and lastly, my very first guitar, the Yamaha F335 (Mine).

Thank you all for checking out the family portrait! There were actually a few missing from the photo but they aren't too special. There are two twin Line 6 Variax guitars laying around as well as an old beat up Ibanez hollow body that my father took awful care of. (Don't get too mad pls)

Edit: If anyone would like closer / better images of a particular guitar I can make that happen easily. The lighting doesn't exactly show the beauty of each instrument, and the sparkles on the Gretsch are criminally underrated in this photo, cheers!

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