Do you think someone would be interested in visiting and documenting the wreckage of the International Space Station on the bottom of the ocean after its given de-orbit in the near future?

Maybe a far fetched idea, but I just came across this Gizmodo article referencing the most commonly used space dumping grounds on Earth. When the ISS is finally de-orbited (2022-2024?) wouldn't it make sense for at least one entrepreneurial group or documentary filming crew to attempt to film its wreckage at the bottom of the ocean? The article itself points to the fact that most satellites bodies don't survive a large portion of the re-entry process, but wouldn't that be cool to see the remains of the world's greatest man-made satellite at the bottom of the ocean? In addition, wouldn't it be cool to see the wreckage of some of these 161 other famous spacecrafts in their final resting place?

Kind of a moon shot idea but nonetheless cool thing if done successfully in my mind. Let me know what you guys think.

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