[DISCUSSION] I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Weirdest or most unique guitar/piece of gear!






This is my weirdest guitar. I've had it about a month now and I originally built it because I wanted a cheap beater acoustic and I also wanted a hollow body electric.

I started with a Takamine Jasmine S35 I paid $65 for new, and let me say this; If you're just looking for a cheap acoustic guitar you will not find a better guitar for even double the price. It feels great, the neck is smooth, the action is perfectly fine out of the box, the intonation is dead on, and it's nice looking. My local guitar shop ordered it for me. The first thing I did when I got it home was took the strings off and started marking for cuts to make and holes to drill for the pickup.

The strap is tied to the neck with a Converse shoe string because I don't like the feel of the strap positioned where the neck meets the body. I also removed the backs for the tuners because I like open back tuners for no reason other than aesthetics.

The humbucker is a cheapo $12 deal from Amazon. Ceramic magnet, 52mm pole spacing, I think it was a Musiclily brand. There was a really bad resonance issue (large hollow body… duh) on the A chord, so I set her really low; flush with the frame. Then I left the adjustment screw low for the A string, raised the E, D, and G string adjustment screws, and removed the adjustment screws for the B and e chords.

Following that I've got it wired down to two 250k pots. One is for volume and one is for tone with a .047 ceramic capacitor. I really like the fender style electronics setup with a humbucker.

The strings are D'Addario Nickel Bronze Lights. I think they're 12s, but I'll double check. Stiff for bends, but I play acoustic almost exclusively and have built the finger strength. Full step is hard but doable, half step is a cake walk.

edit: 12s confirmed. The nickel bronze strings are a little pricey at $12 on Amazon and just under $15 after tax at the local guitar shop, but they work well with the pickup, being nickel.

The tone is interesting for sure, but I really like it. Very similar to Shakey Graves' guitar from his AudioTree sessions. It's a very neat crunchy or clean sound with light gain depending on how you pick or strum a specific chord or note. I will eventually post a clip up, though probably in a separate post.

Enough about mine! Let's see your all's! Throw up pictures, what it is, and why it is the way it is!

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