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New MW3 Maps: Piazza and Liberation

Activision has created and released new DLC map packs for Modern Warfare 3. The new  Liberation and Piazza maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 were made available yesterday to all PlayStation 3 premium Elite subscribers, with regular players able to purchase next month.

New MW3 DLC MapsNew MW3 DLC Maps

Here’s a quick synopsis of the 2; Read more →

Free Web Fonts from Google

If you need a good base of web fonts to use for your website, Google now offers a great selection of free webfonts that you can use for your site just by adding some info to your CSS file. They have about 450+ fonts available and I’m sure more will be added as they update their database.

Autotune T-Pain Effect

Antares Autotune is a program developed to help smooth out vocal recording to fix small tonal errors of warping or varying off key.  It can also be used as an effect when done properly such as by Cher or T-Pain.  To get that robotic, tinny, computerized sound, you just have to play with the settings to the max of it’s abilities. These are the settings to get that popular T-Pain sound from your recorded vocals.  Read more →

Recording and EQ’ing Rap Vocals

So when recording Rap / Hip Hop / RnB vocals, there’s a different technique then rock vocals. Rap is usually more of a spoken word type of singing, which gives a different set of  qualities that you have to plan for. As it’s not as pronounced as opera singing, where the vocalist is belting out a range of notes with a full voice. Read more →

Recording Guitar with the iPad

It’s really amazing what you can do with an iPad. I just bought a Griffin Guitar Connect to plug my guitar into my iPad so that I can use it for a amp simulator / effects unit, same thing as the iRig.  This literally changes everything about recording an playing guitar.

Guitar Connect for iPadGuitar Connect for iPad

You can now go anywhere and compose a new track, record multiple tracks along with drums, bass and vocals, or even play live with an assortment of different amplifiers and effects. These are a few of the apps that I’ve been playing with over the weekend. Read more →

Guitar Equalizers: Ins and Outs

For a good even tone no matter what the setting or amp or guitar, you always need a good quality EQ from your guitar to the rest of your effects chain.  For any type of clean playing, it’s necessary in order to smooth out the frequencies of your guitar and amp type.  No one wants to hear a guitar with a loud chime every time one of the higher strings are played, the same as tho you wouldn’t want to have the bass note drown out the rest of the notes in a chord.

The Danelectro Fish n ChipsThe Danelectro Fish n Chips

A good EQ is used to help cut back on the frequencies of your guitar. Read more →