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Everest; In 2 Million Pixels

This extremely High Res Pic of Mount Everest is mindblowing. You can zoom in to see individual climbers making their way up the ascent. This is 2 millino Pixels of awe-inspiring photography and technology.

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Far Cry 3 Wingsuit Flying

The New Far Cry 3 has some super impressive graphics. Here’s a clip where you can see a good overview of the island by jumping off one of the highest points in the map and using the wingsuit to get around.  The blur around the corners is kind of cool for the effect as well.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

Here’s the second trailer from Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV). The maps are sure to offer a ton of differences variation since they are supposed to be bigger than the old ones combined.

Black Ops 2 Gun Facts

Finally, Just like last year, someone took the time to go thru and get the specs for all the guns in the new Call of Duty game. Props out to pwnsweet for coming up with such a detailed list.  This goes to show that they totally changed the effectiveness of the assault rifles and the submachine guns.  It’s almost worth creating a few classes with pistols as your main primary. The Five-Seven causes more damage than every submachine gun and assault rifle besides the FAL.  With the new damage rating, they definitely changed up how pistols effect the outcome of the matches.


Black Ops 2 Gun Specs by pwnsweet

Black Ops 2 Gun Specs by pwnsweet

Black Ops 2 Security Policies

So checking out the forums and all the hype, it looks like the Treyarch Security Policy is gonna be pretty tight. Probably won’t do much tho besides ban a few jackasses but it looks pretty in-depth. Check it out below…

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NukeTown2025 Playthrough

Here’s some playthrough of the new NukeTown 2025 which is what you get free when you preorder.