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CoD:BOps2 Revolution DLC

The new Call of Duty Map Pack, Revolution was just announced. They say it will be available for XBox on January 29th and other platforms will follow. The best part of this new DLC, is that it will allow you to play as the zombies! It also has 4 new maps and a new gun called the “Peacekeeper” which is a DLC first for the Call of Duty series. The new maps that they are releasing do look pretty awesome. There’s a skatepark with plenty of curves, a map way up in the snow covered Alps, a sand stormed hotel and a high-rise building that apparently let’s you jump around between floors. Def worth checking out the video Activision released.

New Vs. Re-Issue

All guitarists are in search of that “tone” whether it’s a rock legend that they want to copy or just the quest for the perfect tone that raises the hair on their back. “Tone” is something that can’t really even be described. It’s a combination of so many minutely, user-dependant, changes in sound that it can never really be achieved. Even fi you use Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitar, his amps and pedals, the “tone” will still be different because of how you pick the strings, how heavy your fingers press down, what type of strings you’re using, the weather, the roomtype, the mic…. and on and on.

JH1D Jimi Hendrix Wah Wah

JH1D Jimi Hendrix Wah Wah

A big thing with companies now, is to offer re-issues. Saying that it uses the exact same technology from 1970 Read more →

Big Muff Fuzz D.I.Y. Info

Electro Harmonix’s Big Muff Fuzz Pedal is such a legendary effect. All the sustain and distortion you can want for metal or roll back the levels and get a nice dirty blueshouse sound. Looking around I found a site that has a ton of info about fuzz boxes, including the Big Muff and a ton of other pedals. He even goes as far as mappng out the PCB, schematics and component layout, which is genius and is so helpful to make your own pedal clones, or just to have the info for modifying your current pedal. Read more to see pictures and then check it out for sure over at FuzzCentral Read more →

Great Site:

Looking around for different guitar tone and trick sites, this site sums up so much info it’s unreal.  Whoever runs it really put in some work compiling and archiving information on just about everything you can think of for pedals and amps. It’s definitely worth checking out if you play guitar or bass or are in any type of audio field. Free, good information is hard to come by anymore but has been around for a while.  Go check it out!


Hidden Tool Song

Tool is one of those bands that are known for puting out amazing music with all kinds of messages behind it. Off of 10,000 days, there was a “hidden” song. Not so much hidden as not mixed. there are three songs on the cd that can be combined and overlayed to make an awesome hidden track. I pretty much forgot about this until I was listening to Tool on Youtube and it came onto the playlist. It’s not an amazing song but it’s a good one and fun to check out.

tool_10000days Read more →

Slender: The Arrival

So, Slenderman is coming out with a new game. This one, announced as Slenderman: The Arrival should be coming up in “Early 2013” from what the website says. It’s currently being developed by Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios, from what they have said about it so far.  Check it Out Here!!!

“Once again, in the game you are a person wandering a forest at night, however you see things from the point of view of a camera. Also, this time, the flashlight will be able to run out, leaving the player stranded in darkness. It has been announced that players can expect “more levels, improved visuals and an engaging storyline.” IGN has described it as “a simple, devastatingly effective game of harrowing escape.” Also, a much larger and more detailed map can be expected. ”