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Digitech Ipad IPB-10

So this has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.  It uses your iPad as a brain for all the different effects, amps and pedals. Great idea by a great company.  When the price drops a bit on these, I will definitely be picking one up.

Larry Graham Funkin’ Around

While I’m on a music kick, I figured I’d throw this old school funkiness down.  It’s Larry Graham going over his slap techniques, but you can lift a ton of great riffs and lines just by watching some of his changes.

Part 1

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Canned Foods

What doesn’t come in a can anymore?


So Close…..

This lucky S.O.B. jumps out of his two-truck moments before it takes a plunge down a long icy mountainside.  The guy in the truck being pulled only had a few broken bones and some scratches, but the tow-truck driver escaped by the skin of his teeth.


The OmCopter Takes Filming to New Heights

So this whole video was shot using a helicopter-mounted camera by a German film production company called OMSTUDIO.  They did a great job of piloting the helicopter steadily around the whole path of the shot. It’s so smooth and liquid that it’s very much like the 3D animated cameras in Pixar and other animated films.  Plus it gives such a steady pan and lift that it really makes you feel as tho your in the movie since you dont have any cuts as the camera angle changes between rooms and floors. Movies are about to get so much better with this tool.

The OmCopter by OMSTUDIOSThe OmCopter by OMSTUDIOS

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The SuperBowl Sniper Nest

I just seen these pics when I was browsing around all the different SuperBowl posts and links online. These are just awesome, to think that the whole half of the field was scanned with one of these big caliber bad boys and they didn’t even notice. There’s always snipers at any event with as many people, especially celebrities and politicians, like the SB. Just something to make you think…

Sniper NestSuperbowl Sniper Nest
Side SniperSide Sniper