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What year would this bass be considered?

Kind of an unexciting question but I have been scratching my head on this one and thought I'd try you guys. I have a Fender American '62 reissue Jazz Bass that was purchased new in 2002. When I took the neck off I checked the dates and there is a few years between the two; the neck is tagged June 15, 1993 and the body is tagged May, 19, 1999. I would assume this would be considered a '99 since that is when the body was produced and the bass was likely assembled and distributed. Is this a normal thing that Fender does/has done? No issues with the bass at all; she plays and sounds like a dream and is by far the best Fender I have ever played, I just thought it was weird with the date discrepancy. Thanks in advance for any knowledge.

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[Question] Where can i find some good tutorials for slide guitar?

Hello! I've got myself into playing guitar for a month or so and I fell in love with the sound of slide guitar i found in some youtube vids. Does anyone now where can I find some tutorials to learn to play with a technique similar to this guy?

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Recent hip hop gig

Last Friday I played a Hip Hop gig. I run a small music venue in town and recently we've been putting on some MCs/rap gigs. Loads of the MCs are really talented but they all lacked show experience, most of them had never played a gig (most are 10 years younger than me!) so I got them to come to our weekly Jam nights and get involved with some of the musicians, get some experience, mic control etc. Have had such a blast jamming with these guys that we put together a set over the past 2 months and played at the weekend. I've only ever played rock/metal with bands before so this has been such a breath of drag air. This has been so different from anything I've ever done/played before and am looking forward to moving forward with it. No real point to this really, I suppose just go out and get involved with musicians and players in different genres

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Fender P-Bass Humming and Input Jack Popping

So my bass has had what I have self diagnosed as a wiring problem but I have no proof:

Symptoms include:

  1. Humming in the background
  2. Popping when you wiggle the cord near the input

I have taken off the faceplate on several occasions swearing there must have missed, but the solder points look good, the wires show no wear and tear, and the ground wire looks like it's making good contact with the bridge.

I took it to the tech at Guitar Center and he said that I probably need a better cable because he couldn't replicate the problem.


  • 60th Anniversary Fender P-Bass MIM
  • used both a Fender Custom Shop cable and a Monster Speaker Cable
  • happens with my Acoustic combo amp and my SVT-3 with a 4×10

Maybe I should take it to a different tech? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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How to tell if amp is blown?

I have a small ampeg BA-108 amp. I'm getting a lot of staticky sounds whenever i play certain notes. Also a lot of buzz whenever the treble is turned up all the way. Thought it was my guitar but had it rewired. Could it be a blown fuse?

Any info would help. Thanks.

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[Question] How do I play with a group?

Hi Reddit,

So I'm one of those guys that started grabbing college buddies' guitars to try to learn a few things. I could read music from my woodwinds days, but just learned a lot of chords for guitar and how to strum a bit. Fast forward 10 years, 3 kids, and very divided attentions and I'm still a pretty basic guitarist. Better than a layperson, but embarrassed to claim I can play in front of any real musicians.

Anyways, I have some decent vocal training and lots of practice throughout life. A group of pros and semi-pros ask me to sing with them every once in a while. Awesome, sweet, I love it. But they also ask me to play rhythm sometimes. And I do, and they ask me again. But I feel so lost. I have never learned anything about playing in a band. I practice, but don't really know what I'm doing and then I get on stage and just turn down my volume and sing my heart out. Haha.

The Questions:

What would you tell a sucky rhythm guitarrist that you need to suck less?

What do I need to know about strumming patterns? Synching with other instruments?

How the heck do I set up my monitor? It's an on-stage one, not ear, but it's pretty much mine. I get lost in all the sound and can't pick my own guitar out.


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