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Recommendation for amp for upright acoustic bass

Hey /r/bass! Long time lurker. I am a clasically trained double bass player who has been dabbling in jazz for about 5 years now. I've been gigging with cheap practice bass amp for a while now, but it's just not cutting it in terms of volume and quality, especially when I need to crank the volume (and to compensate, I absolutely destroy my fingers, haha). I was looking at buying a decent amp but I know literally nothing about amps.

Any recommendations for amps, or where I should go to find advice/reviews?

And just for giggles, here's a link of a small group gig we did last year. We also do some big band stuff.

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Tips for bringing my bass/amp on plane

Sup guys,

I'm moving out next week, so I was wondering if I can get my bass guitar as an airplane carry-on. My friend told me that he was able to do it, but most of times he had to check-in his guitar with a hard case. I don't mind either, but I will be laying over for few hours, so I think I'll go with luggage/hard case.

But my greatest concern right now is my amp. It's a 25watt BA-108. I know for sure it's not suitable as a carry-on, but I'm not sure how I should prepare my amp. Do I just put it on a large box, and check-in as a luggage?

Also, I'd appreciate if you guy can share your tips/stories about bringing bass on airplane. I'm taking a budget airline (China Airlines), so I don't know my odds 🙂

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[DISCUSSION] What ideas would you implement into your band room?

We just got this two-story garage that we wanna use as a jam room.

As soon as you get to the top of the stairs:

From the back of the room facing back towards the stairs:

The previous person who used this place was a DJ who had parties and raves and shit so that's why it looks like a college bro-house. We plan on getting rid of everything you see in the picture taking up space and putting in carpet. Then we wanna replace the shitty paneling that are the walls (everywhere you see a poster, it's covering a hole). After that, we move in furniture that we want and our equipment. Anything else is whatever comes up, which we need help and inspiration with.

So what would you want in your jam room?. Whether it be serious necessities like insulation panels or fun/neat ideas like LEDS. Please give us some ideas.

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[Question] What is the purpose of a fretless guitar?

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[GEAR] oe30 Oscar Schmidt "Delta King" by Washburn. Thoughts? and need help deciding on Pick ups

Hey guys, just picked this up from craigslist, my first ever non-fender starcaster electric guitar. Would like to get nicer pick ups for this to improve the sound a little. I am deadhead so keep this in mind when suggesting please. Thanks so much.


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[QUESTION] Needing help identifying tuning machines.

Howdy all! First time poster.

So, a few years ago I bought a used Applause AE28 from a local guitar shop. Changing the strings a while back, as I was tightening the low E and A strings, both tuners made a POP noise, and as you might have guessed, they're done for. I've checked various websites trying to find a match for these tuners as a replacement and have had no luck. I can't find a serial number anywhere on the guitar, all I have is the sticker inside the body that tells what model it is and the owners manual (a small hint inside the manual claims that this is the only guitar for the 80's). The tuners have JIN HO Korea stamped on them. Upon further investigation, none of the products listed on their website seem to be an exact match. Does anybody out there have experience with these old AE28's and know what model tuners these are? Or possibly if there is a tuner out there that matches close enough? The Schaller M6 looks to be somewhat close, but I have no idea if the posts are the same size or not. I'm not sure what details that would be needed that I've left out, but I'm happy to fill in any blanks. Thanks in advance for any help!

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