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[PLAY] I’m 13 years old and I just completed my first song

As per title, 13 years old and playing guitar for more than 6 years. I had a number of ideas over summer but one stuck with me, wrote two solos for it and then wrote some cheesy lyrics. Added drums and bass using GarageBand and then had my 12 year old friend to sing.

I’d really appreciated any feedback.

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[GEAR] Fuzz experts and/or Muse fans

I am looking for a consistent yet still versatile fuzz for my live board. I understand the Fuzz Factory's settings sometimes do not "transport well" venue to venue (read: hard to dial in specific tones given change in acoustics or volume levels). Is there a quality straightforward fuzz that catches most of his dirty tones that is easy to use?

One caveat: I cover a lot of Gilmour, and I share his philosophy on effects/amp set-up: I prefer a cleanly set amp and all dirt coming from pedals. It just makes sense to me, and it is annoying to watch people play live and have to fine tune their amps between songs (switching between high gain and clean). Sometimes I cascade/boost my dirty pedals to finely tune the EQ or saturation I require, usually with a Keeley Blues Drive. I use traditional mids boosted tube amps to compress my often bright, nuanced signal (darkening it with tone knobs or flipping on the humbucker)

Can anyone help? I hear a Keeley Fuzz Head may be what I am looking for, but any other input?

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[OC] Complete Guide to Guitar Scales: Learn 28 Modes From 1 Simple Shape

This is a system that I took from saxophonists and adapted to guitar. It's based on starting with the Lydian mode, then lowering one note to produce the Ionian mode, then lowering one note to produce Mixolydian, etc. until you have all 7 modes.

From there, you can lower one note in each major mode to produce all 7 modes of the melodic minor, harmonic minor, and harmonic major scales.

Easy way to get all the modes from these systems under your fingers and onto the guitar.

Here's a link to see grids and licks for each mode, along with exercises on how to practice these modes.

What do you think about this system for learning scales?

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Fender MIM Precision Bass or Sire V7?

I've been looking at getting a new bass for a while now and have been drawn to P and Jazz basses. I definitely prefer the sound of a split coil pickup to the dual single coils that Jazz basses don, but favour the feel of slimmer necks.

For the past few weeks I have been adamant on getting a P bass as it has the sound I want, even if the neck profile isn't ideal. However, I have stumbled across the Marcus Miller signature V7 made by Sire and am forced to reconsider my choice of bass. It works out to be almost 20% cheaper than any MIM Fender where I live (including shipping), has received nothing but praise and features a neck profile that gets me excited. My only concern with the Sire is that its best asset is its pre-amp.

I normally shy away from active electronics, as they sound too polished (if that makes any sense) and upfront in a mix or band situation. Although, it sounds a lot less "artificial" than most other active basses in its price range from the demos I've watched. With this pre-amp, would I be able to shape the tone of the dual single coils to get something more akin to a split coil, while still retaining that classic sound?

Keep in mind that I am a bedroom player that probably won't be playing live or recording anytime soon, so maybe an active bass would be the better choice, given that I'll be playing by myself and don't have to worry about how I sound in the bigger picture of a band setting or mix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


TL;DR – I like the sound of a passive P bass but have thought about getting a Sire V7, even if I don't normally go for active basses.

P.S – I know that the V7 can be played as a passive bass; I just prefer the sound of a P Bass to a Jazz Bass.

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Need advise

I'm looking at buying a Warwick ba300 bass combo for $700 NZD, I just want to know if it's worth it. Also maybe recommend some good, loud, very heavy bass combos that handle distortion well.

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Need Help Identifying Bass

My friend has had this bass for years and doesn't know what it is. Can anyone help identify it?

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