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99 Problems and the Legalities Involved

I found this article written up by Caleb Mason, a professor of Law from the Southwestern Law School in southern California. Basically he goes thru the song and writes a synopsis on the legal choices that Jay-Z makes throughout the song. Pretty cool and really freakin interesting.

You can find the downloadable pdf here =

Fender Silverface Twin Reverb Schematics

Yep, The title says it all. These are the electrical schematics for a ’74 Silver Twin Reverb. In case you need to change any wiring, pots, resistors or tubes, this print will help keep it all organized for you.

100w RMS Twin Reverb

100w RMS Twin Reverb

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you do not know how to properly discharge the capacitors on the amp then just take it into an authorized dealer and let them do any repairs needed.  These amps carry a ton of juice in the caps that can blow your amp and kill you if they discharge into you, just as bad as sticking a fork into an industrial (220) outlet.

Fender Amp Twin 100W Schematic

Fender Amp Twin 100W Schematic with Master Volume Control


Digitech Ipad IPB-10

So this has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.  It uses your iPad as a brain for all the different effects, amps and pedals. Great idea by a great company.  When the price drops a bit on these, I will definitely be picking one up.

Larry Graham Funkin’ Around

While I’m on a music kick, I figured I’d throw this old school funkiness down.  It’s Larry Graham going over his slap techniques, but you can lift a ton of great riffs and lines just by watching some of his changes.

Part 1

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Herman Li Guitar Tricks

Here’s a youtube vid I found of Dragonforce’s guitarist Herman Li explaining how he makes all those wacked out noises using just his guitar, a Floyd Rose and some distortion.

The guy really does have some chops for having such a computerized sound, they use a ton of overdubbing tho so at times there’s 8 or 10 tracks filling out all kinds of crazy sounds and textures. Read more →

Electro Harmonix Effectoloy

Here’s a link to a Electro-Harmonix’s “Effectology” page where they show you tons of ways to create all sorts of sounds samples using only a guitar and their effect pedals.  Click Here to check out all the different sounds you can make.

The Big Muff Pi by Electro-Harmonix

The Big Muff Pi by Electro-Harmonix

No Synths, computers, samplers, or midi controls, just old school strings and stompboxes.