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Amazing bass player Gustavo dal Farra

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[Question] High e string breaking a lot.

High e string breaking a lot

Hey folks.

Today my high e string snapped the 3rd time in a row exactly at the bridge. The strings were about 3 weeks old but I had a 1 week playing pause. It always happens when I'm strumming (I don't strum too hard in my opinion).

I use D'Addario 10s on my Gretsch G5422T.

Where is the problem and how can I fix it? Am I playing wrong or using the wrong strings or is the bridge broken?

It's really frustrating having to take a 20-30 min break every time cause it is quite a pain in the ass to change the strings on this guitar and you will need two persons to do it.

Thanks in advance reddit!

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[QUESTION] I have tried a few different cables but I am still getting noise problems. Are my cables crap or is something wrong in my rig?

Hi guys, I'm using a Scarlett 2i4 interface, a Behringer Hum Destroyer and some monitors. I've tried a few different cables but I'm having problem with noise, sometimes depending on how I position the cable the noise problem is gone. The annoying part is that it's inconsistent, sometimes when I play I have noise problems, sometimes I don't. Even when I'm using a noise gate on a very high setting there will still be noise. At the times I don't get noise, the lowest setting on my noise gate is fine. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Edit: I may have been using instrument/speaker cables for the wrong thing without realising it. Have I damaged my gear?

Edit 2: I'm not using an amplifier, I'm using my interface into BIAS FX which is ran from my laptop. My laptop is also unplugged whenever I play.

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[NEWBIE] What kind of chords are Em/G, Am/C, etc?

I did a google search but it didn't make much sense to me. It came up when I was looking at the tab for the Jethro Tull song With you there to Help Me

Trying to figure out how to play these.

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[DISCUSSION] Found an awesome youtube channel for anyone struggling with understanding the electric side of playing guitar.

link first

I stumbled across a really great youtube channel the other day. It's all about the electronics and hardware that a lot of beginner guitar players have a hard time understanding. When I started getting in to playing electric I was really intimidated by the all the variables that go into an electric guitar's tone.

The guy in the videos, Dylan- starts with the basics and presents information in a really clear and thought out way. He covers everything from pickups and tone pots, pre amps, establishing a good base tone to build on with pedals, and the general theory of the relationships between gain, volume, drive, etc etc. He also does pretty good guitar reviews too.

Anyways, thought you guys would appreciate this channel!

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[QUESTION] G-string stuck

I have an Epiphone SG2 Special which i got a year ago. Really happy with it but since i use it to play songs in D standard or Drop C I got some Dunlop Heavy Core strings for it about half a year ago. About a week into playing I noticed the F-string (G-string in standard tuning) was out of tune everytime I picked it up to start playing. This could correted by pressing on the string between the top nut and machinehead (as if it is kinda stuck) but recently it goes out of tune every time i play just a little. And it's driving me nuts! Should i try buying new strings or can this be fixed in another way?

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