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[DISCUSSION] Ayla (15 year old from England) plays an amazing cover of Pride and Joy by SRV

Here's the video link.

She only has 5 videos on her channel right now, but they all show how phenomenal she is. Not only does she play so cleanly, but she also puts a ton of feeling into her playing instead of doing straight note-for-note covers.

Blows my mind.

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[PLAY] Laid down a track with some new gear from Santa! Would love to hear your feedback!

Link to song here

Hey all! I recorded this song on Monday and wanted to share. I've been playing guitar for almost three years, and have been playing drums around ten months, and recently started my journey into the drum recording process. Received a 16 input interface for Christmas, so I can finally use more than two mics at a time! It's so much more challenging than recording guitar though! Especially considering I record direct 😉

I used a three mic setup to record the drums. An SM57 on the snare (really resting in between my rack toms because I didn't have an extra mic stand), a CAD bass mic, and a Blue Spark condenser overhead. All feeding into a Tascam 16×08. Mixed on a pair of JBL LSR305s.

I started by laying the drums down first, and actually found it much easier to get into the groove when recording the guitar and vocals while having that drum track to support me.

Not only would I like feedback on the playing, but the quality of the recording as well. Really looking to improve and better myself!

Thank you!

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Newbie just getting started

I've always wanted to play bass. I've been playing guitar for a little, and I'd like to extend my skills to bass. I want to just go in at 4 string. I have a $400 budget for both a bass and an amp. Any suggestions/tips?

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[OC] Learn "Basket Case" by Green Day for acoustic guitar

Hi there,
Why not learn this great song by Green Day?
See you next year!

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Share your chords and lyrics

I use my iPad for chords and lyrics. I use the Onsong app, that use files in .txt format (Words can be used, too). I have started a group on Facebook where people can share and get files for that purpose, so if you are interested in sharing your files, or getting them, feel free to join.

There are around 1000 songs with chords and lyrics at the moment.

Hope to see you there

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God I fucking love the bass

I asked for one for Christmas and it's everything I hoped it would be. I'm a causal guitar player who knows chords, some riffs and can play most things by ear. Trying out the bass for the first time felt so natural. There's so much more room for expression, and that fucking lowest string feels so good when it vibrates. It's great how much technique there is in strumming the strings alone. I've also learned to appreciate the more technical side of the guitar. Will definitely become a regular here, keep on grooving.

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