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Best speaker size for a Ampeg Micro-VR 200W?

I am wondering what size speaker would be best fit my amp requirements,tonal preferences, and price limit…

  1. Needs to be loud wenough to do medium gigs but not loud enough to dominate small gigs
  2. Punchy Tone with lots of mid range, low bass and medium treble
  3. $200-600 for both amp and cab or up to $400 on cab, used is alright

Other useful info, I currently play a Rouge VB100 (I know its not that good but I like it). As for music I play mostly late 80's early 90's skate punk (Bad Religion/NOFX).

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Loving this band

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[Gear] [Question] What kind of mods have you made to your guitar?

My trusty Epiphone Les Paul of 10 years needs to volume and tone pots, which got me wondering- have you made mods to change the tone or functionality of your guitar that's different from the factory set up?

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Proper wrench for a truss rod adjustment for a Fender Jazz American Special

The hole where you adjust the truss rod is not in front of the nut like it is on most Fender Jazz basses. It is where the neck connects to the body. Looks like a standard 3/16. This is all fine and dandy, but it sits in a little divot that only leaves about a quarter inch of clearance to get a hex wrench in there so a regular L-shaped hex wrench won't do it. Other than cutting and filing down my 3/16 hex wrench and risk damaging my bass, is there a tool I can buy specifically to fit. This tool probably should have come with the guitar but it didn't.


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Inexpensive acoustic bass??

Heyya guys iv'e been wanting a decent acoustic for a little while now and have no idea what im looking for in the modest price range (around £100-250). any suggestions would be very appreciated thanks! 🙂

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Bought a bass of Ebay a couple of days ago and just noticed this crack in the neck. Is this something that should be alarming?

The bass plays just fine and I did not even notice it until now, when I was doing my final inspection to make sure the seller done good and deserved a good review. The problem is I saw no mention of this crack, however I just now noticed it in the seller's picture if you look closely enough (after I found it on my bass).

What would you guys suggest I do? The seller offers no returns, but I know that Ebay is reliable with this kind of stuff; I just want to know if it is worth the hassle. Plus, I want my $400 investment to last, y'know?

It's a Peavey T-40 if that helps any.

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