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Photoshop Brushes (Free!)

Here’s some free Photoshop Brushes that you can use for your next project. They are all free and public domain, so feel free to use them however you like to create something amazing!

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Default Twenty Eleven WordPress Theme CSS

Here is the default styles.css file that comes with WordPress’s Twenty Eleven Theme.  I figured I’d post it more or less so I have something to pull from when I mess mine up after changing and playing with the coding. You can copy everything between the bars leading and trailing the code. Read more →

Free Web Fonts from Google

If you need a good base of web fonts to use for your website, Google now offers a great selection of free webfonts that you can use for your site just by adding some info to your CSS file. They have about 450+ fonts available and I’m sure more will be added as they update their database.

iPad Browser Tester

So, since I found the iPhone browser test site, I figured I’d might as well find one to test how everything looks on an iPad.  I actually have one of these but I don’t take it with me to work, so this is a quick fix to check my work without having to wait until I get home.  Give it a try!

iPhone Browser Tester

So, I needed a way to look at my site thru an iPhone, which I currently don’t have. But, with the power of the Googles, I found this awesome little site that will let you see how your site formats on an iPhone. Great way to test design formats without having to pay for or borrow the hardware

iPhone Style On/Off Switch in Flash

A CheckBox is a graphical user interface element that permits the user to make one or multiple selections from a number of options.  In this tutorial I found, you can create a Switch checkbox inspired by the iPhone Graphical User Interface.  Read on to find out how!


iPhone On/Off Switch