SMITE Patch Overview – Escape from the Underworld

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Dumb [QUESTION]s about amp heads and cabinets, don’t upvote, unless you’re also dumb

I recently got a new tube amp head. I'm going to try it on different cabinets this weekend. Really excited, but I've got a few things to learn first.

On the back, I see a line out port (which I assume is for connecting the speaker), but to the left there are two more ports listed as "speaker outputs." Are those reserved solely for when I'm connecting multiple speakers? Pic related.

There's also a "GND Polarity" switch with -, 0, and + options on it. What's the best use of that?

And I'm relatively familiar with bias, but on the back of the amp there's a + port and a – port. How do I go about using those?

And what the fuck are these kinds of cables for?

Thanks in advance.

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Old Garnet Bass Tube Amp Help

Hey Bassit. I have an old Garnet stencil bass amp that I'm trying to figure out. I don't know much about amps, but I am keen to learn. The amp is a "United" which was a small stencil brand amps Garnet did for Canadian schools apparently. There is little to no information on the internet.

I paid $50 for this amp and it worked great until the speaker blew. The speaker distorts at low volume and fraps at high volume. I took the speaker out and tried it on a different head, so I am confident that the tubes are all fine at this point.

So, I am looking for a 15 inch speaker to throw into this bad boy. The old speaker is unlabeled, so I tested it with a multimeter and it reads at 8 ohms. However, I have found a great deal on a 4 ohm speaker. From what I've read, tube amps should be able to run either 8 or 4 ohms but either there is a selection switch? or it needs to be tapped to 4 ohms. I am trying to figure out if I can do this or not.

Finally, on one of the speaker inputs there is a red wire that is connected to one input but goes nowhere…what would this be?

Thanks for reading this far. I've attached some pictures in imgur and would appreciate any help. Cheers!

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[GEAR] My dynamic duo.

Here they are

This rig can cover so much ground it's unbelievable, but most importantly it suits my style! Beefy grit and chimey cleans, and everything in between.

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Lawmakers Say Redacted Pages Of 9/11 Report Show Saudi Official Met Hijackers In Los Angeles

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Application to help bass line development

I have been writing some software that will basically highlight all the notes on the fretboard associated with a given chord and display the note names as well. You can choose from a list of standardized tunings (standard, drop d, dadgad, etc) or select a tuning for individual strings. The same piece of software will allow you to chose between bass and guitar. I figured this would be used by bass players wanting to learn arpegios in different shapes or guitar player wanting to learn new chord fingerings or experiment with new tunings. As a guitar player for may years, this program has really opened my eyes to many chord shapes I would never have thought existed.

Right now I have the program working on desktops but I was thinking of porting it to mobile. Does this sound like something you guys would purchase and if so for how much? If you wouldn't, what features would need to be added to make you purchase it? If you think the idea is ridiculous, why?

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