Proposed bill to authorize NASA to colonize Mars

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Picked up an ’86 Ibanez Roadstar II RB 850. Thing is beat to shit but sounds great. What can I do to fix it up without compromising the sound?

Some pictures of it with the strings removed.

Item 1: Coating

As you can see, it's got serious wear anywhere that can be worn. There is cracked coating near the input jack with exposed wood, so a new finish is certainly in order. I'm also not interested in preserving that color scheme. My biggest obstacle with the new coating is the neck. How in the heck do I get rid of that PVC-lookin ass finish on the neck without fucking up the rosewood fingerboard?

Item 2: Pickups

I plan to keep the pickups but replace the screws that hold them down. They were so worn and rusted that I could barely get them out. Does anyone know the type of Ibanez pickups that are in this thing? I haven't been able to find any info on them or any pictures that match them.

Item 3: Electronics

I plan to keep the original controls where possible, but if something is deteriorating I plan to replace it. Definitely replacing the input jack. Not a fan of the knobs, either. Any suggestions on some rad ones I could use instead?

Item 4: Frets

Frets 1 through 3 have wear channels as deep as the Mariana Trench, so new frets are a must. I know this is a pretty delicate operation, so are there any particular traps I need to watch out for while doing this? Any youtube videos I definitely should or should not consult? I know the general advice here is to take it to a luthier. Does anyone know any good ones in the Twin Cities area? I've taken my basses to a local luthier, a local music shop, and Guitar Centers to have them set up before. None of them have even been able to do that correctly, so I wouldn't trust any of them with re-fretting.

Item 5: Strap Pegs

They're just kind of worn down and shitty looking, and the screws holding them in are really deteriorating. I plan to replace them. Any tips?

Item 6: Bridge

No particular feelings on the bridge. Should I clean it up and keep it, or should I put a new one in? Any great bridges you guys recommend?

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Aerospike rocket engine test

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Not having fun anymore

I just pulled off the road to type this. My mind has been racing about what's been going on. I just need to rant.

I've been learning new songs and gigging locally for about 5 years now. About 8 different bands (not at once) but basically all the same type of music.

I don't know where I'm going with this but man I'm just tired of it and burned out. I can't even bring myself to enjoy learning these damn songs.

Live music seriously blows my mind. I'm in a couple bands right now. 2 of which have great musicianship but I guess the crowd doesn't bat an eye to that. The other 2 bands suck man, I feel bad saying it but it's reality…and guess what, people love us! How in the hell does that work??

I don't know how to feel right now.

I made the decision to take a hiatus starting January 1. The money is great but it's not even worth it if I'm not having fun, which I thought I would never say.

I'd like to hear some thoughts from you guys, I need a pick me up man. Oddly enough I felt like I had to turn to Internet strangers to get it.

Thank you for reading.

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Opioid makers, allies gave $1 million to Utah politicians

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When slap bassing, do you guys pull with the index or middle finger?

I personnaly pull with my index finger, but apparently middle finger is better. Just wondering what you guys thought/

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