[Feedback-feq] Transcription of "Ship to Wreck" by "Florence and the Machine"

In an effort to learn to sight read standard notation for bass guitar, I've starting transcribing the songs that I play in our band. I've got more in the pipeline that I'll post as they're ready-ish.

Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated – especially around the layout and typography. It feels a little clunky the way I've tied beamed quavers.

Transcription: http://imgur.com/a/fllSP

Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9v8jLBrvug

Previous transcriptions:

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[DISCUSSION] Bedroom upgrade to Fractal: AX8 or IIXL?

I am a bedroom guitarist predominantly who does like the option of being in a band and gigging in the distant future. The main uses for any sort of amplication for me would be primarily practicing and recording. I am currently using a Line 6 Pod X3 Live pedal that I've had for a long time now.

I am now looking to perhaps upgrade my rig. I am looking at primarily 2 products: AX8 and the IIXL. It seems like the best bang for the buck is the AX8. Also, I've read that the AX8 does not have audio with USB, which would require me to purchase an additional unit. With that being said, my thought process for the IIXL would be that with its additional processing power and FX options, it would last me a lot longer in the long term. Additionally, I am wondering if I should wait for a perhaps the next line of products from fractal. Something along the lines of "Axe FX III" in the future.

What are your thoughts?

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Scientists confirm the universe has no direction

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Mutual hatred of the Cowboys helps police officer talk suicidal man out of jumping off bridge

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Police officers resign after being accused of forcing driver to eat marijuana

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A man shot during a protest Wednesday night has died in the hospital.

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