An excitingly unexpected complex and inspiring bassline!!!

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[GEAR] Vintage 1970s Univox Ripper

Thought I'd share a little pic of my favorite guitar for everyone. Picked up this beaut about two years ago. Couldn't gather too much info on it, but these are apparently pretty rare. I've heard that only about 500 were made back in the mid-70s. From the legendary Matsumoku factory in Japan, she features a 3-stage humbucker system and some unbelievable tone. Bright and crisp on the clean channel at the neck pickup, and can get very down and dirty at the bridge without getting muddy. I really love the versatility and the unique style. If you have a chance to get your hands on one of these, I highly suggest you do.

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Could I have some feedback on my bass playing in this track?

Hey blokes,

My band recently recorded one of our tunes, just wondering what you guys think of my playing on it.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

Cheers lads.

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Information on a Fender knockoff

I need some, if any, information on this bass. The price is $45 from the owner and he said it is a Fender knockoff (obviously) but I would like to have some knowledge on it before I possibly pursue it.

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Help purge bad cops, black Dallas police leader urges Obama

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Graphic for NROL-61 – Atlas V – ULA July 28, 2016

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