Bass eq pedal

Do the regular guitar eq pedals work the same on bass? Because I'm looking at a 10 band eq but it's for guitar

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New ‘Indie’ Space Documentary Series on YouTube (beautiful and fascinating)

See the trailer here:

and the first episode here:

and the second unreleased episode here: (due to be released on sunday – exclusive!)

First Training video:

I call it Indie because it is being made by one guy, rather than a team. Space documentaries are sparse because they take big budgets to make thanks to the costs of CGI.

I've decided to circumnavigate that by making a series using a photo-real universe simulation tool called Space Engine. As a result, I'll be able to put out weekly high quality episodes, talking about everything astronomy/space related.

Each episode will be deeply fascinating, as well as visually stunning.

I will also be doing a lot of exercises designed to help you understand and visualise the scales and sizes involved – something that Space Engine allows me to do very well.

I hope you give it a try and subscribe, and give me advise and encouragement to help make this series big, and to help it cover everything!

Thanks guys,

Dr. Kaii

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I’m currently in a queue waiting to meet Buzz Aldrin, I need something witty/original/interesting to say when I meet him. Any ideas?

I've just had the pleasure of listening to Buzz give a talk about his live. He is currently trying to sign a book for every single person in the place (many thousands!!) and apparently the queue could take up to 6 hours – thankfully I'm somewhat near the front.

So with the pretense that he's just said hello to a thousand other fans, what can I say to him that will be a little more interesting than the average Joe?

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Is There Intelligent Life in the Universe? 5 Questions with Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf

Is There Intelligent Life in the Universe? 5 Questions with Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf submitted by /u/khesht
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[Question]Have you ever fallen for a guitar you never thought you’d like?

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First set is in 8 hours. Freaking out, any tips?

As the title says, playing my first set in 8 hours, there's a lot of people going, and I'm beyond nervous. What's some of your techniques to overcome this?

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