Red line lens anomaly in Hubble image of Andromeda

Red line lens anomaly in Hubble image of Andromeda submitted by /u/moschles
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[GEAR] Line 6 POD HD500 & Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B.

The Line 6 POD HD500 pairs nicely with the Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B.! Feedback would be wonderful. Thank you!

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In Need of Amp and Tone Recommendations/Advice

Hello /r/bass. I am in need of help of selecting my first real bass amp. I'm going to trying to go into as much detail as I know how to go into, please bear with me.

For the past 2-ish years I've been borrowing an amp from a friend, but he finally wanted it back, so there we go. I need an amp. I figure making a big purchase once would be better than buying a cheap head/amp that I would want to replace.

I play in a melodic death metal band. We play some songs that are really melodic and some things that are really heavy. (Recordings were done via Podfarm and a UX2, so I can't really use that live). The clacky angry tone is really good for the heavy songs, but sounds pretty out of place in the lighter, more melodic songs. Maybe a good middle ground would work for all of them?

I only have one bass, an Ibanez SR305, tuned down a whole step to D. The 5th string is more for convenience and not heavily used (guitar players play 6 strings tuned down a whole step).

I went to the local Guitar Center because why not and the guy there pointed me towards a Little Mark Tube 800, which sounded pretty good as far as I know. The best thing about that head is how small it is. The less heavy equipment to move for shows, the better! Anyone have experience with this amp?

Anything helps really. New to bass amps/tone.

TLDR – need cap and head

  • Metal band with varying degrees of heaviness playing 2-3 shows a month

  • Tuned down 1 step to D standard

  • Playing with a pick (I know, I know, I'm a loser)

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[Discussion] My local music store consistently rips me off.

There's a music store in town. It's fairly popular because it's the only one for 30 miles and it has a Cajun music public access TV show. I figure it'll be awesome of me to support local music and shop there instead of saving 40% by shopping online. That was poor judgement on my part. The first incident was when I bought a pack of strings. They were already rusty, so I brought them back. The owner had a fit and called me a liar to save face in front of a customer. I told him to open another pack only to find out they were rusted too. He sold rusted strings to my brother too. Ernie Ball strings. Recently I went back thinking I should give the store another chance and buy some cables. The cables started acting up and one even had the jack break off in less than a week. These cables were have the length and double the price of cables I could've bought online. That store is a scam. Have any of you had to deal with nightmare stores?

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Custom Built Bass

I decided to make a bass in my high school wood shop class. I manufactured the body and controls plate using my school's CNC router. The neck is a Mighty Mite knockoff of a maple Fender Jazz neck with a rosewood fretboard; the body is birch with black walnut inlays.

Here are a few pictures.

I'll admit, the wiring was awful. I had no idea what I was doing, so I had to take it to a guitar shop and have them repair it. I'm quite happy with the result.

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[QUESTION] What are good pickups for metal and rock songs

Hi, I'm getting a Fender Stratocaster and I was wondering if there is good pickups besides single coils.

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