LET IT DIE – Teaser Trailer

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Upgrading my amp, need guidance.

Hello and good day brothers of bass! I'm here today to ask for some advice and guidance concerning the purchase of a new amp. Any help is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to explain my situation thoroughly.

So my current setup looks like this

Ibanez sr-600 Fender Rumble 40 (just sold) Various pedals

Money to spend: 500-900$ CAD I plan on testing new at the local shop and buying used elsewhere.

I play many genres of music in a 3 man band (bass, guit, drums) like metal, rock, funk, reggae, punk and the list goes on and on. We currently jam together but I am planning to play gigs soon. What I'm looking for in an amp is mostly very clean tone but can also be versatile and handle effects well (I mainly use a Fulltone OCD, an MXR envelope filter and sometimes a fuzz among other things) and one that also overdriven well. The fender 40 I had was not enough to keep up with a live drummer and sounded kind of boxy, flat and hissed a lot at high volumes. The other day I used my band mates brothers Ampeg head (not sure which one) and the tone literally blew me away.

Now I have limited knowledge in amps as the rumble was my first amp and it was a gift that I did not choose. I have been pointed towards fender combo amps, mark bass and I tried an Ampeg head that I loved. Other then that I'm pretty lost…

Tube? SS? Hybrid?


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"Everybody Loves Raymond" Star Doris Roberts Dead at 90

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[Gear] NGD (sort of). 1976 Ibanez 2680 Bob Weir w/ bonus family pic

My godfather is letting me keep this guitar on long term (probably permanent) loan. It's got the original case, and (I think) original pickups. The case was painted on, but everything else seemed pretty good. I cleaned the fingerboard, scrubbed everything with a damp rag, and put on some new Power Slinkies. Thing plays like a dream now.


In the family pic, the acoustic is a 1969 Yamaha Red Label FG300, the other electric is a shitty Epi LP Special II w/ P90s. The big Marshall is a 5010 Master Lead Combo, and the little amp is a Fender Frontman 10G that I got with the Epi when I was a wee lad.

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Views from the Space Station [4K]

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In an awkward situation with my band…

I have a friend that I've been playing with for a few years now, we've been in two bands together over the course of the last three years. Things with our current band have been stagnant for a while. We are a four piece, my friend sings and plays guitar, the other guitar player does some lead playing and some rhythm playing. We've been playing the same covers for months and my friend has not been interested in gigging with the group even though I am. He plays with a few other bands too on rare occasion, but the group I'm in with him has always sort of been the main group.

Last week after practice I asked how things were going with his side groups. Turns out he started another band with everyone from the band I'm currently in except for me. They use my PA system and my bass rig at practice and they have a gig at a major local venue coming up. Everyone in my band has been keeping this information from me and practicing behind my back for god knows how long. I'm pretty pissed off at the guys in my band and I'm thinking that I should quit and retrieve all my equipment from our practice space. They use my bass rig too, and even though I haven't been moving it from place to place I have been noticing more damage to the cab, so I suspect they're gigging with my equipment without my permission.

These guys are my friends but I think it's pretty shitty of them to do this to me. Am I wrong to quit? I don't want to burn bridges but I feel pretty betrayed. It seems like they're just keeping the band I'm in on life support so they can use my PA and bass rig. We have a really small gig coming up in about a month, but none of them are taking it seriously at all. Part of me thinks I should be professional about it and play the gig, but another part of me says they've been lying to me and using my stuff without permission for probably months now, so fuck 'em.

I haven't said a word about quitting to anyone in my band since practice a few days ago, I didn't want to make any rash decisions or say things I'd regret. Any advice is appreciated, this whole situation is totally new to me.

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